ursa’s logbook: october wrap-up, highlights and the very tiring month

Goodbye October!

Wow. 2020 is almost over? And I feel like it was one crazy long year, but also it went in a blink of an eye. So, yeah, welcome November and I hope you won’t be as tiring as October… But I’m getting ahead of myself, and now’s the time for my monthly wrap-up!

In Real-Life updates

Okay so, October wasn’t such a thrilling month… I’ve been tired for the whole month, and weekends weren’t enough to rest. I come home late, have no energy to do whatsoever, and on the weekends, I just want to lay in bed and forget about the world. But, no, can’t do that: you have a thesis to write, and researches to do, and also that teacher just gave you an extra paper to do, and you have your blog to run… So, yeah, I’ve been pretty tired lately. And I’m late on my thesis, I feel like I’m not advancing, which stress me out, plus I have new books to read for college, but no time to do so, which also stress me out, which tire me, then I have no energy to do those things… It’s an endless circle, pal.

Oh, and if it wasn’t enough, I started new hobbies! I now do embroidery — more like I try to do so. And I’ve started to write a new novel too, like, who said I didn’t have time? Sure, Ursa, starting new projects was the right idea.

Anyway! I’m tired, but I’m still here, I’m taking vitamins, and I’m gonna butt kick myself and actually start doing things. Oh, and did I tell you I’m planning to do NaNoWriMo? Yeah, keep those good ideas coming, Ursa.
But! France is now under a new lockdown, so I’ll be working from home (I had a couple of stressful days, not knowing if I’ll be able to keep my internship or not… but I do! That was such a relief!) and thus I’ll have more time to myself. Meaning I’ll rest, read, and take care of myself. November, I’m waiting for you!

Reading Wrap-up

Remember when I told you I was tired and haven’t much time to do what I wanted? Yeah, so, this month I only read 2 books. Yeah, I know. But I warned you I was a slow reader! Nonetheless, I gave an average rating of 3,5 stars out of 5, which is not that bad!

42036538 42036538

Nightfall (Keeper of the Lost Cities #6): Quite a slow-paced story, with not much happening. This book is the biggest since book 1, I wonder where all the action went… I felt a bit disappointed, even if the end tries to do better: we can feel, in those last few pages, the threat growing and getting more dangerous and cruel, maybe more adult in a way too. We can already feel the next books will feature a grown-up Sophie, far from the innocent kid she was in book one. I hope the following volumes will reconnect with the story’s precedent fast-paced adventures.


The Black Veins (Dead Magic #1): If this book contains several tropes that are usually not my cup of tea (chosen one, absent parent…), Ashia Monet knows how to write a compelling, fresh, funny, and full of emotions story. The Black Veins is a great book, with complex and unique characters that’ll steal your heart, and adventure and challenges that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat. Its strong point is definitely its characters, forming one big and loveable found family, but Ashia Monet also created a unique and intriguing universe, that I cannot wait to discover further in the next book(s).


And even if I just started it, I’m currently reading a third book, yay! Slow reader who? So yeah, I’ve started reading These Violent Delights by Chloe Gong, of which I’ve received an ARC thanks to the publisher, and the book will be out later in November! Trust me, it’s looking pretty good.

October Highlights

Even if I was a bit down in October, it was Ursa Reads’s best month! Thank you everyone for your time and your kindness, this will never get old. I’m quite proud of what I’m accomplishing, and October saw several projects come to light!

First of all, I launched my guest post series: Talk From Another Galaxy, where you rant about your favorite book, is now live! I had the honor to interview one of my friend for this first episode, and if you haven’t already, you can always check it on the blog:

I’m still looking for readers! Want to participate in this series? Send me a DM on Twitter or use my Contact page!

I also took part in my first blog tour with Ursa Reads, and I’m so happy with how it turned out! I had the chance to interview Her Dark Sins‘ author, T.R. Tells — and just so you know, I love doing interviews. The whole tour was organized by Shealea @ Caffeine Book Tours and she did an amazing job! Her Dark Sins tour was the first of (I hope) many other book tours.

And! I was lucky enough to be nominated in the Oustanding Blogger Award by Nefeli @ BiblioNebula. A huge thanks to them, I feel so grateful!

And here is the top 3 of your favorite posts this month on Ursa Reads:

wlw wednesday #1: witches and dragons
those tropes that have me throwing away a book
blogging and slow-reading: are they compatible?

What have you been up to this month, travelers?
Anything good on your radars?

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  1. ugh college can be so stressful, I hope November will be kind and this lock-down, even if it sounds bad, will give you time to rest and take care of yourself. that cover of The Black Veins is gorgeous!!! also if you’re looking for someone for Talk From Another Galaxy… i’m in 👀

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