blogging and slow reading: are those two things compatible?

Cozy up, folks! It’s time for another discussion post!

I told you already about how I used to blog, and how I failed to meet my own expectations. I realized there were some expectations to meet as a book blogger: most blogging tips posts I read were advising to post regularly, several times a week. Even if nowadays I — somehow — manage to post twice a week, some of you post four, five times a week. People manage to read more than 10 books a month, sometimes even up to 30! To me, who is quite proud when I reach a total of 5 books read per month, it is huge. You all are superheroes. Geez. I admire you so much.

Read about my previous experience and how it impacted Ursa Reads:

I’m a slow reader. I love to read, but I don’t spend hours doing so. I like to compartmentalize my activities, and usually, I don’t read more than one hour per day. So seeing you all read that much, write that much, I’m not going to lie: it kind of freaks me out. How could I ever be part of the book blogging community if I were not such a big reader as you all?

I tried, with my previous blog, to match your stats. To read more than I could, to write more, to request a lot of ARCs. I wanted to fit, to be as productive as some I followed. But let’s be honest: everyone is different. I’m a slow reader, you’re not. That’s fine! Reading, blogging, is a hobby, we shouldn’t put too much pressure on ourselves — the world is already giving me enough anxiety.
But is this rhythm of mine compatible with blogging? Heck, yes!

I'm just saying, everybody's different

If you, like me, are a slow reader and a book blogger, here’s some of my advice as to how to combine these two things:

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself

Like I said above, reading and blogging are supposed to be hobbies. You — we — don’t need to distress about numbers, stats, … I did, and it basically ruined the whole experience. Embrace who you are — as cheesy as it sounds, it may be the best advice I could give you. You’re a slow reader? Embrace it. You read a book per day? Embrace it. You prefer fantasy over romance, contemporary over sci-fi? E-m-b-r-a-c-e-i-t.

step 1: chill out

You are who you are, and you don’t need to change to fully enjoy your blogging journey. The important thing is to read what you like and to find others to rant about your favorite books with. I wanted to become a book blogger because I love to talk and recommend books I loved: I don’t need to rush to do it. We are so used to everything moving so fast, we forgot how to take our time. You post once a week? That’s fine! You post once a month? You do you! The important thing is to enjoy what you’re doing, on your own rhythm. You are your first reader: do what you like, and don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

My advice: don’t compare yourselves to others and enjoy your new hobby!

Plan ahead

One thing I learned with this blog, is how planning ahead can save your life. Okay, not really your life, but it’s really useful.

gif of someone writing goals in a notebook

I started blogging back in August, and when I opened the blog, I had already 3 articles published (2 were book reviews), and I had several drafts I was working on. I decided to post twice a week and to achieve that, I had to plan my posts. I was working almost every afternoon in August, and I started a full job in September: I did — do — not have much time to write and so I had to plan ahead. I found a good rhythm in August, ideas were coming to me naturally, and I could write in the morning. Thanks to that, I’ve been able to plan some posts in advance. Now that I have a full job, and thus less time to write, I’m glad I have several posts already written. As to now, I have four posts waiting to be published. I have two weeks free! It’s plenty of time to write other posts.

My advice: Plan ahead! Find a moment and write some posts, be consistent in that schedule, you’ll then have plenty of time to see it coming.

Discussion posts are your friends

This was new to me: writing discussion posts. I used to write reviews, some wrap-ups, posts about my life, but not much more. Discussion posts were a new kind of post for me, and it changed the way I blogged. It really broadened my horizons, and quite helped me to plan more interesting posts, and give me some time to read and review books at my own pace — slowly. I don’t feel pressure to read faster, to review faster, because I have other posts planned. My blog is still active, even if reviews are not quite as regular.

let's talk

My advice: Find other subjects to talk about. Rec list, blogging tips, slices of life… anything can be interesting and help you find your own pace with your reviews.

Don’t be greedy

That was one of my principal mistakes: request a lot of ARCs, add a lot of books to my TBR… I wanted to read everything. EVE-RY-THING. I was being greedy, without thinking about my schedule, or simply my ability to follow up. Soon enough, I was crawling under ARCs, and I didn’t even want to read them anymore. That acted upon my motivation to read, to blog and that was sabotaging me in front of publishers and authors. Never accept, nor request, something you know you have the time or energy, to read. Don’t ask more than you can do!

My advice: before requesting anything, asks yourselves if you’re following the hype or if you really want to read that book. Again, plan your reviews, think ahead.

Related: it’s time to clean our shelves!

You can be the greatest blogger while being a slow reader. You just have to know your capacities, abilities, and schedule. Trust yourself, and most importantly, enjoy your hobbies.

Are you a fast or slow reader?
How do you combine reading and blogging?

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13 commentaires sur “blogging and slow reading: are those two things compatible?

  1. I am definitely also a slow reader, but my blog is mostly about random topics and not so much about book reviews. I decided that I’ll post twice a week, and planning definitely helps me to do that. I don’t know how people post every day – that seems crazy.

    All the best, Michelle (

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  2. Ah Ursa I loved this post so much, you make so many good points, as someone who is also a « slow reader » (I’ve never been one to read a lot of books in a month, if I read more than 5 I get impressed by myself haha) I’ve definitely felt that struggle of whether being a slow reading and blogger is compatible. Even more so with the fact I don’t post reviews on my blog, I definitely had several moments of feeling out of place in the community and feeling like I’ve failed as a book blogger. I think it’s so important though to remember that we’re not all going to be able to keep up with the bloggers we admire/look up to. That’s totally ok, we just want to be keeping up with ourselves and creating content that we enjoy.

    As for me, I’m planning on combining reading and blogging through some upcoming features on my blog, where I share my thoughts, opinions and feelings on books I’ve read/reread. But they’re by no means a review haha more just me rambling. Other content I post is more informative content and creative content aimed at book lovers hehe.

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  3. Well said, Ursa! You can provide good content for your blog no matter how fast you read — it’s just a matter of creativity and a bit of a plan 🙂 I post three times a week now but that’s only because I have the time to do that — once I have more responsibilities I will have to cut down on both reading and blogging. Not everyone can or even wants to spend most of their days on that and it’s okay — they’re still readers and bloggers!

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    1. Exactly!! There are so many different way to blog, to read, and none is better than the other! We just shouldn’t put too much pressure about those activities, it has to be fun first! What’s the point anyway if we only stress about blogging and reading?! Thank you for your kind comment 💛💛

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  4. Honestly, I think posting is separate from reading. Especially considering that book reviews don’t do well, I don’t think reading pace matters as long as you have something to post about. And tags, discussion posts, lists generally do better anyway.

    Really liked reading your views on it 🙂

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    1. You’re right! I’m glad I discovered all those post possibilities! But sometimes I feel like I haven’t read enough to talk about some subjects, to rec some books, especially when I see others reading all the popular books!


  5. Hey Ursa! This is a great post and at the same time, quite helpful for me. I needed someone to say these things to me bc I’ve been taking a time off from reading/blogging and I can’t help but feeling a bit upset that i’m not doing it quite as much as I used to on the earlier months of the year.
    But I do feel much better! I was taking blogging and reading almost as a full time job and that’s not healthy. I’m slowly learning to balance things in my life and that has been very helpful for my mental health. I totally advice on all the things you said here!

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    1. Oh 🥺🥺 thank you so much, it really means a lot! You really don’t have to put that much pressure on yourself! I learned it from a friend a couple of years ago, but hobbies are just hobbies! We really don’t need to stress about that, their whole purpose is to bring us joy and comfort! That advice really helped me, and I’m glad I can help others too now!


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