Review policy

Who you’ll be working with

Ursa Reads is managed by a 22-year-old French woman, student in Cultural and Literary Mediation. I am an avid reader since I was young, and I read on average 50 books per year. Ursa Reads has been opened in August 2020, but I have several years of experience in blogging and social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram…).

As of January 2021, Ursa Reads counts a hundred followers and has received 1,734 unique views in 2020 (from August to December). I usually post twice a week and my subjects are various. You may find here book reviews, author interviews, recommendation lists, discussion posts, and much more depending on my inspiration and mood.

What I can do

Book reviews

I am glad you’re considering working with me! Whether you’re an author, publicist, or publisher, I will gladly consider your request. Any request that has been submitted without reading the guidelines will be ignored.

Status: accepting review requests

Accepted formats

  • Physical books (hardback and paperback)
  • Ebooks (format epub only)

I am a French blogger, and you should be aware of that if you’re considering sending me a physical copy.

Genres I read

  • Fantasy
  • Young Adult
  • Contemporary
  • Romance
  • Graphic novels & comics
  • Whodunnit/mystery
  • Poetry
  • Historical fiction
  • Retellings

It’s not my cup of tea but I can give it a try: science-fiction, thriller, non-fiction.

Genres I do not read

  • Horror
  • Gore
  • Religion/spirituality

The genre of your book is not listed above? Message me to talk about it!

How and where I review books

I am using the CAWPILE Rating System. This system was created by G at Book Roast and you can watch their video for better comprehension by clicking here. I am explaining on my CAWPILE page how it works for me.
I usually post a review on the day of the book’s publication or a few days before depending on my blogging schedule. If I chose to review your work, I agree to read it entirely. My review will be honest and will not be influenced. However, if I decide to not finish your book, I will contact you privately and offer you alternatives if possible (interview, guest post…).

I post full and final reviews on my blog and Goodreads, and I share them on my social media. I might write a ‘currently reading’ thread on Twitter to share my thoughts while reading your book. I might post reviews on other websites, at your demand.

Want to work with me?
Contact me at

Book promotion

I am always willing and more than happy to welcome authors and professionals on my blog. Those posts can come in different formats, and you can select one as well as several (you can choose to only be interviewed, or you can choose a package containing an interview and a giveaway, for example).
If you’re interested, please message me so we can talk about it.


I love doing interviews and I would love to interview you too. I usually ask around ten questions about your book(s), your work, and yourself. We can always discuss the details together.

Guest posts

Just like interviews, I am always willing to welcome authors and professional on my blog. I can offer you a spot as a guest for a special post. We can chat about it together to set the details, but in the end, the post is yours! However, I may refuse certain subjects or written posts if I deem them problematic or not related to my editorial line.

Cover reveal

I would love to help you promote your next book and organize a cover reveal on my blog. Please reach out to me so we can start to work on the details together.


I would love to host a giveaway for you on my blog. I have hosted giveaways before, and I used for that Rafflecopter. However, we can work on the details together regarding the organization.
Please note that, as an international reader myself, I can only accept international giveaways. I understand that shipping may be expensive, but giving everyone a chance to receive books is really important to me. Many alternatives that offer free shipping in a large part of the world. Let’s talk about it together!

Why you should work with me

Ursa Reads may be a new blog (less than one-year-old) but it is an active blog with a growing loyal audience. Please note that Ursa Reads is not my first blog and that I have been blogging for several years now, and took part in several promotional tours over the years.
I worked for some time in a publishing house and was in charge of promoting their new books through social media. I created some partnerships with French bloggers, and so I have experience on both sides.

Some stats:

  • 200+ followers accross all platforms and all around the world
  • 1.734 unique views in a span of 4 months
  • 6 publishers that entrusted me with their upcoming releases (and more to come)

My media kit, rates and detailed stats are available upon request.

To submit a review and/or promotionnal request:

  • Fill out my contact form or send me a direct email at with the subject title « Review/Interview/… Request: [Book Title] by [Author]
  • Specify in your first mail the specific information:
    • Book sypnosis
    • Genre/Subgenre
    • Publishing imprint (if applicable)
    • Trigger/Content warnings (if applicable)
    • On-page representation (if applicable)
    • Release date
    • Other requested events

I will respond to you as quick as I can (please note that I have a job, classes to attend to and other hobbies, I may not always be able to answer in one day). I will answer you even if I decline your request or am not available to review your book.