my #goodreadance wrap up

Back in September, I announced I was participating in Shealea’s Goodreance challenge. The ultimate goal was to clean our shelves. I wanted to reduce my To-Read shelf, and create personal shelves to organize my whole mess.

To see all the goals I set for myself, I suggest you go back to my announcement post.

And now that September is over, it’s time for a wrap-up! As you can see with those two images below, there’s been quite a change on my shelves…

before / after

I started with 7 shelves, the 3 basics (Read, Currently Reading and Want To Read), and 4 personalized (messy) shelves that are not pictured above. I have now 17 (seventeen!!) shelves, not including the three basics. I am now much more organized, with shelves for my final rating, if I recommend or not books I read, to classify the diversity (LGBT, Persons of Color, and disability), my physical wishlist, but also to keep track of future releases. That is a lot of change! I’m really happy with my system, even if I could add some more, like for my favorites books, or else. But for now, it is quite okay!

Goal #1 (create new and accurate shelves) is accomplished!

Now, unto the number of books I actually shelved… I started with 492 books in my Want To Read shelf (as stated in my first post), and I am now at 376. I have unhauled 116 books! It is approximately a decrease of 24%, and I am quite happy with myself! I still have a lot of work to do, and it is not because September is over that I intend to stop here: I will keep working on this goal for the next weeks, months, to unhaul a maximum of books I no longer intend to read. But for now: hooray!

Goal #2 (clear my Want To Read shelf) is almost accomplished!

Concerning my third goal — which was reviewing my latest reads and updating my already existing reviews… Well, let’s just say I haven’t really met that goal. I’m even late in my reviews, which is really the opposite of what I intended to do. Oopsie…? But this will be something I’ll keep working on, along with goal #2. September may be over, but I’m not done on this challenge!

Goal #3 (post and update my reviews) is not accomplished…

Well, these sure are mixed results… But, in the end, I‘m still quite happy with how I’ve done. I know this is still a work in progress, and I’m quite optimistic about it! I’ll keep grabbing some time here and there to work on my shelves and reviews, and with some time, I’ll get there! Of course, this is an on-going work: I intend to keep using my newly organized shelves, and not to drown anymore under hundreds of books I don’t really care about…

Did you participate in the #Goodreadance2020 challenge?
How did you do?

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3 commentaires sur “my #goodreadance wrap up

  1. This was such a lovely wrap-up post for the Goodreadance challenge! I’m so glad you were able to clean up your Goodreads shelves! They’re so organized now!!! I should do better at that; mine are such a mess right now (derp). Also, I’m honestly so bad at updating Goodreads with reviews of all the books I read, so I totally understand what you mean when you say that you’re behind. I think I will perpetually be late haha. Anyways, LOVED this post! Thanks so much for sharing it 🙂 🙂

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