i’m 23! or the birthday book tag

lily from how i met your mother waking up and screaming "it's my birthday!" and marshall gives her a crown

I am officially 23 years old! God, I feel old. I know, I know, I’m still young and all that stuff, but I feel like 23 years old is such a turning point: will I start to see myself as a grown and responsible adult??


But as today is my special day, I wanted to do something to celebrate. I thought of writing a post about me turning 23 and all that it means, but… meh, yeah, no. I also thought of writing a rec list of 23 books that somehow impacted my life, but I’ll never be able to remember 23 books I read. And then, I did some research for a birthday book tag, and I found one that sounds extra fun and was created by Kit @ KristenBurns. It reminded me of the Fantasy Winter Retreat book tag I did a while ago and it was fun, so this one should be cool too!!

For this tag, you just need to choose five different books. Then, for each question, you open the corresponding book to a random page and follow the instructions for the answer. At the end, tell us how well you think your party turned out!

My books

1. The Starless Sea
2. The Silvered Serpents
3. A Discovery of Witches
4. The House in the Cerulean Sea
5. Everblaze (KOTLC #3)

the starless sea the silvered serpents
a discovery of witches the house in the cerulean sea everblaze

My answers

1. Open Book 1 – The first character name on the page is the one who plans the surprise party.
Zachary Ezra Rawlins. Nice! He’s the kind of friend that is, well, kind and considerate, so it isn’t much of a surprise that he’s the one planning.

2. Open Book 2 – The first character name on the page is the one who ruins the surprise early (either by accidentally mentioning it or by telling you on purpose because they can’t keep a secret).
Enrique. Sweet baby boy, I’m sure he didn’t do it on purpose! Knowing him, he spilled the secret clumsily and immediately regretted it. But it’s okay, I don’t blame him — and I’ll even pretend to be surprised!

3. Open Book 3 – Wherever the current scene takes place will be the location of the party (as specific as possible, e.g. a person’s house, a grocery store, the middle of a forest, etc.).
Ok so technically, I opened the book on a page where Diana and Matthew were in Matthew’s car — not very the best place for having a party. But just before, they were at Old Lodge, Matthew’s ancient home in England, and this, yes, is the perfect place to have a party. It couldn’t have been better!

4. Open Book 4 – The first character’s name on the page is the one who bakes the cake.
Linus Baker. Interesting! Well, I don’t think that he’s such a good baker, despite his name, and Zoe probably helped him with the cake. (And please, no one lets Lucy gets near the cake, I’m afraid of what he’ll put in the dough).

5. Open Book 5 – The first character name on the page is the one who sticks their finger in the icing when no one is looking.
Edaline, Sophie’s mother. Well, I didn’t expect that! But well, I’ll forgive her, but only if she brings some of her famous custard bursts!

6. Open Book 1 – The first character name on the page is the one who buys trick candles (those kinds that never go out).
Zachary. Again. He really thought of everything.

7. Open Book 2 – The first noun on the page that is a tangible object is the first gift you open.
An artifact. It probably comes from the Gilded Wolves gang and I’d like to think that Zofia made it, something simple but a kind gesture that means a lot! They got me emotional, now.

8. Open Book 3 – The first character name on the page is the one who puts on the dorky party hat.
Clairmont. Can we all take a moment to imagine a thousand-year-old grumpy vampire putting on dorky party hats?? Let’s just– Yup, I’m picturing it. Yup, it’s very funny.

9. Open Book 4 – The first noun or adjective (whatever works) on the page is what the party theme will be.
The promise of food. Okay, I took a whole group of words, but hey, I’m not going to complain about this one! Can’t wait to see what those promises might be…

10. Open Book 5 – The first noun on the page that is a tangible object is what the pinata will be filled with.
A ring. Well, that’s interesting! A pinata filled with jewels, who is going to say no to this? Not me!

How did the party turn out?

Fine, I’d say! I’m so touched by everything they planned and offered me, and I’m happy just to be in their presence and share this special day with all of them! We had a blast, yes, and I’m so grateful!

Today I’m turning 23, and even the past year wasn’t so easy, I’m grateful to be where I am, and I am even more grateful to those who love and support me. It wasn’t always easy, and it still isn’t sometimes, but I am in a safe place with kind people, and I couldn’t ask for more! A huge thank you to all of you too, I’m forever super grateful for each of you, your support means a lot to me! I’m not a beggar, but on this special day, if you ever want to support me and my work, please consider using some of the links below:

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Thanks again to each and every one of you! Every view, like, comment, is a direct arrow to my heart: it really means a lot!

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