ursa’s logbook: february wrap-up, highlights, and a month-long slump

Goodbye February!

It may be the shortest month of the year, but it sure felt like a lifetime to me.

In Real-Life updates

So! A lot happened this month, but also, not so much? Talk about a paradox.

For one, I finally got back to my student apartment, and even if the transition was a bit scary, everything is fine. I got to see my friends again, who I hadn’t seen in a year, of course, while being extra careful of social distancing. I also get to establish a new routine, and while it still needs some work, my mental health got better.

As to my thesis… well, I haven’t done much this month. I have trouble communicating with my director — I spend more time sending emails to remind him to respond to my previous emails than to actually work on my thesis… His ghosting played a part in me losing motivation, and I am starting to question my choices of subject and angles, so I am hoping to talk with him in March and get back on track!

Reading Wrap-up

books read: 4
average rating: 3.5/5
the twelve: 2/12
goodreads reading challenge: 8/50

Ok, so… I had planned to read 8 books this month, I even made a whole weekly planning, and… it killed my motivation. I only read 4 books, and it took me a while to read them, and I am not particularly happy with what I read. I also feel like I’m a bit saturated with books in English — I usually alternate between French and English books, but lately, I only read in English, and it tires me. For March, I am aiming to read more books written in French, to relax a bit!

a dead djinn in cairo lou ! sonata

A Dead Djinn in Cairo: I listened to the audiobook one evening and it was really enjoyable! Being a novella, its pacing was quite fast, and it didn’t took me long to finish it. I really like the world-building in this one, and the main character — a queer woman in a men’s world. I will definitely read the following books!

Note : 4 sur 5.

Lou ! Sonata: Sonata is the ninth volume in this French comic series. I grew up with Lou, a young girl with a vivid imagination, and Sonata now pictures her as a young adult and student — just like me. Reading Sonata was like reconnecting with a childhood friend, and I loved it oh so much. I love that I got to grew up with her, and that even now as an adult, she is still with me, and living the same things as me. I really can’t wait for the next volume!!

Note : 5 sur 5.
crier's war a cuban girl's guide to tea and tomorrow

Crier’s War: is one of the twelve books I want to read in 2021, and due to the hype it receives, I was so excited to read it! But what a deception… Sadly, I really didn’t like the book, and I thought about DNF’ed it several times. But I sticked around and got the end. It could have been such a great book, the world-building is fantastic, but sadly, I couldn’t bear the characters and they sometimes felt illogical. I understand why so many people love this book, but I wasn’t a book for me (it’s not you, it’s me, but it’s a bit you too).

Note : 2 sur 5.

A Cuban Girl’s Guide To Tea and Tomorrow: I read this book for Tea Time Lit’s book club, and it was a cute book! Unfortunately I think it suffered from me reading Crier’s War at the same time, and I got in a slump because of that. ACGGTTT is nonetheless a cute book to enjoy with a cup of tea and some biscuits, and I really liked how it pictured grief and loss, and how you can grow up from that, while remaining true to yourself.

Note : 3 sur 5.

Blogging Highlights

On Ursa Reads

My reading slump kind of affected my blogging habits, and it spread to a blogging slump as well. Plus, the fact that I didn’t have internet in my flat in February — and still don’t — didn’t really help. Thus, February was a small month for Ursa Reads, be it for published posts or views. But it’s alright! I’m not anxious over it, and I just wish to do better in March and reconnect with all of you!

And here is the top 3 of your favorite posts this month on Ursa Reads:

In the book blogging community

I have received so much support that I want to start a new section where I give back. These posts have been written by amazing book bloggers, and I stumbled upon them while blog-hopping. Check them out!

What have you been up to this month, travelers?
Anything good on your radars?

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7 commentaires sur “ursa’s logbook: february wrap-up, highlights, and a month-long slump

  1. I’m so glad you enjoyed A Dead Djinn in Cairo – the audiobook’s great isn’t it! It’s a shame you didn’t like Crier’s War though, I tried to read it last year and just couldn’t get into it 😦 Fingers crossed March is a better reading month for you (I’m looking forward to seeing what French books you read as I’m always looking for recommendations!)

    Aimé par 1 personne

    1. Yeah it was!! I need to catch up with the following books now 🤭
      I’m hoping too! Oh, often, when I read in French it’s translated books, but who knows, I haven’t planned my TBR so I might end up picking up a French book!

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