ursa’s logbook: december wrap-up, highlights and a make-over

Goodbye December!

And goodbye 2020! We finally get to put this chaotic year behind us and hope for the better for 2021. I’m not going to review my reading year on this post — it is planned for another blog post — but it is time to look back at the last month of this hellish year. Here’s my December wrap-up!

In Real-Life updates

Like November, December has been a weird month to me. Time wasn’t real, I didn’t know what day we were most of the time and I mostly stayed by myself at home. It was my last month of internship — I’m now unemployed! way to start the new year… — and I was still working from home, but with fewer and fewer missions. I got to say goodbye to my colleagues though, and now it feels so weird not having anything to do

I realized I haven’t been productive in December. My thesis is almost dead, I’ve been less motivated to blog, and I’m far from getting my driver’s license. I felt stuck, still feel like that, and it discouraged me even more. Plus, I wasn’t really in the holiday mood. I don’t know what tomorrow has for me yet, but I wish to get back on track as soon as possible. I want to enjoy those few weeks left of self-isolation to kick some goals and to make up for lost time before I get back to college. That is if I get to go back to college…

Reading Wrap-up

books read: 4
average rating: 3.875/5

It has been a small month regarding reading, but I managed to ace my Goodreads challenge nonetheless!! I get to read new favorites, so I’d say I’m pretty much winning.

loveless by alice oseman in a holidaze by christina lauren

Loveless: This book isn’t perfect but it made me emotional. Loveless was a bit messy at times, the plot was quite repetitive at first, but in the end, it was a beautiful tribute to friendship. I could feel the author’s struggle to write it, but that doesn’t make it any less important.

Note : 3 sur 5.

In a Holidaze: Well, the best thing I have to say is: I wish I was the one stuck in a time loop so I could read In a Holidaze over and over again. It was the perfect cute, fluffy, light-hearted holiday romance I needed. Full review to come.

Note : 5 sur 5.
the silvered serpents by roshani chokshi nous vivons chez nos chats by eloisa scichilone

The Silvered Serpents: Aaaaaaaaaaah (…) I love this cast so much. So, so much. If The Gilded Wolves was about found family and fighting together, The Silvered Serpents is full of ache, and I just– my poor heart went through so much (the end was a real emotional roller-coaster) — and yet, I can’t wait for book 3. Full review to come.

Note : 4.5 sur 5.

Nous vivons chez nos chats: This book was recommended to me by a college friend, and you might expect a cute graphic novel about cats and their little shenanigans. Well, you. are. wrong. I mean, it was cute, but also very sad, and the first thing I did after finishing this book was to hug my cats.

Note : 3 sur 5.

Blogging Highlights

Soooo, I don’t know if you noticed, but the blog got a make-over! I worked on it for the last few days of December, and it has been hectic. There was so much to do! But I’m really glad about how it turned out and I hope you love it just as much as I do!

Not much happened otherwise, but I wanted to thank you once again for the undivided support you all gave me since August. I achieved things I didn’t imagine I could do in so little time, and it’s all thanks to you! I hope you’ll stick around for 2021, cause I am certainly not done with this blog, nor with you. To another year together!

And here is the top 3 of your favorite posts this month on Ursa Reads:

What have you been up to this month, travelers?
Anything good on your radars?

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13 commentaires sur “ursa’s logbook: december wrap-up, highlights and a make-over

  1. I really like your new makeover! I just changed up my blog theme for the new year and I don’t know if I’m set on it yet. I think a lot of people feel similar to how you did over Christmas because there is no structure during the holidays. Hopefully the new year will make you feel a bit better


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