some of my 2021 most anticipated releases (part 2)

Hey there! 2021 is almost there!

Like any other bookworm, I can’t help but be excited about upcoming book releases. And 2021 isn’t disappointing me: there are so many books that seem so great! I already wrote about half of my most anticipated releases, and you can find this previous post by following the link below:

So now it’s time for a second part! Let’s get excited together!

As always, click on the covers for the books’ Goodreads page.

lgbt+ rep 🌈
poc rep ✊
disability rep 🤝
ownvoices 📣

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🌈✊📣 MEET CUTE DIARY, by Emery Lee | out on May 4th
I love all the tropes that this book features: fake dating, meet-cutes, hate to love, friends to lovers, and mutual pining. Let’s just say: I’m conquered just by the blurb. And this cover! Look how cute it is! I feel like 2021 is going to be a good year for trans protagonists in fiction, and I’m so here for it.

🌈📣 THE WITCH KING, by H.E. Edgmon | out on June 1st
I never read a fantasy book featuring faes, but The Witch King is giving me the desire to finally start. It just seems so good?? A trans witch who lost his powers trying to escape from his engagement to his best friend the fae prince is all I need to spend a good year. Can June 1st can come any faster?

🌈 A LESSON IN VENGEANCE, by Victoria Lee | out on August 3rd
One of my goals this year was to try to read thrillers — alas, I haven’t really succeeded. But this book, A Lesson in Vengeance, is all I need to finally get my foot in the genre. The author herself describes this book as a « sapphic dark academia », and this is everything I love. Plus, the cover is gorgeous.

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IF THE SHOE FITS, by Julie Murphy | out on August 3rd
I’ve discovered this title on Edelweiss+, and let’s just say I’ve been so excited about it since. I am rooting for the fat representation in romances, and I just love the « dating show » trope. Plus, this is the first book in a series of modern fairytales retellings. How can I not be excited?

🌈✊📣 LIKE A LOVE SONG, by Gabriela Martins | out on August 3rd
I hit the Goodreads’ « Wants to read » button so hard when I discovered this book. It has everything that I like: fake dating, celebrities, and soft British boys. I have such high expectations for Like a Love Song, and I’m sure they will be met entirely. I can’t wait for this book to come out!

🌈 AMONG THIEVES, by M.J. Kuhn | out in September
I am already extra excited about this sapphic heist adult novel. I just can’t wait to meet this gang of criminal take-no-shit heroines to form unlikely alliances and immediately betray each other. I’m a huge fan of ensemble casts, so I know I’ll be immediately charmed by these women. Also: slow burn wlw romance.

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🌈✊📣 IRON WIDOW, by Xiran Jay Zhao | out in September
I feel like Iron Widow is going to be a huge thing, and I cannot wait for it. This fantasy novel is inspired by East Asian mythology and features a young woman fighting against the patriarchy in a revenge-driven plot. Oh, and you know how tired you might be of love triangles? Well, Iron Widow ends its love triangle in a healthy polyamorous relationship. We stay winning.

✊📣 SO MANY BEGINNINGS: A LITTLE WOMEN REMIX, by Bethany C. Morrow | out on Sept. 7th
2020 was the year I discovered Little Women, and even if I haven’t finished Louisa May Alcott’s huge book, I’m excited about this black retelling. Bethany C. Morrow focuses on the story of four black sisters during the American Civil War, and I just feel like it’s going to be a huge and important release, and a grand step for black representation. I think it’s going to be a beautiful story of sisterhood, and I just can’t wait.

🌈 A DARK AND STARLESS FOREST, by Sarah Hollowell | out on Sept. 14th
We don’t know much about it for now, but I love how the story of these nine secluded siblings feel so dark and mysterious. I want to know more!


🌈 DARK RISE, by C.S. Pacat | out on October 5th
I’ve already read other books by the author so I know she knows how to plot. We still don’t know much about this book, except that is set in an alternate London and features the heroes and villains of a long-forgotten war who are being reborn, ushering in a dangerous new age of magic. It feels so dark and honestly, I’m so here for it!

🌈 A MARVELLOUS LIGHT, by Freya Marske | out on Nov. 2nd
I’m in love already with the premise of A Marvellous Light. A historical gay fantasy novel featuring a rival to lovers romance? This is everything I needed. But what really drew me in is the « magical bureaucracy »: I want magic nerds and bureaucrats. I need it. Can we already be in November 2021, please?

Are your most anticipated 2021 releases are on this list?
What books are you excited about?

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