some 2021 books i’d love to get my hands on

Hey there! 2021 is almost there!

This chaotic year we-shall-never-talked-about is almost over, so I think it is time we talk about next year’s books! 2020 has seen a lot of great books come to the world, but 2021 sounds even better!

So I am sharing with you all today a first glimpse of my most anticipated 2021 releases list, with books from January to June!

As always, click on the covers for the books’ Goodreads page.

lgbt+ rep 🌈
poc rep ✊
disability rep 🤝
ownvoices 📣

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✊📣🌈 FAT CHANCE, CHARLIE VEGA, by Crystal Maldonado, out on Feb. 2nd
I know I already read this book, but I loved it so much, and my eARC copy expired and all I ask for is for this book to finally be out in the world so you can all read it and discover what a gem it is, and for me to buy a physical copy and read it again and again (and again). Is this too much to ask??

🌈✊🤝 YESTERDAY IS HISTORY, by Kosoko Jackson, out on Feb. 2nd
I discovered Kosoko Jackson’s work with another one of his books actually (I’m So Not Over You, expected publication in 2022) but Yesterday is History also sounds so damn good? A queer time-travel story, with black characters and liver transplant coming with the ability to time travel? Hum, hello? Can February 2nd can come any faster?

🌈 A TIP FOR THE HANGMAN, by Allison Epstein, out on Feb. 9th
First of all: can we talk about this gorgeous cover? The synopsis had me hooked, but the cover has me drooling all over. I mean, we’re talking about a spy novel set in Elizabethan England, with the Kit Marlowe as main character? What else do you need? Oh, maybe to know it’s a historical thriller full of state secrets, intrigues, and romance?

🌈🤝 AS FAR AS YOU’LL TAKE ME, by Phil Stamper, out on Feb. 9th
This book looks really cute, while still covering heavy and important subjects I rely on a lot. The cover is not helping, I really love it (don’t tell anyone but I prefer this one rather than the orange one). I’m expecting a lot from this book, and I hope it’ll not disappoint — but seeing the author’s other books, I’m confident about this one.

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✊📣🌈🤝 HONEY GIRL, by Morgan Rogers, out on Feb. 23rd
I’ve been waiting for this book for ages now, a few more weeks won’t kill me (probably). I’m so, so excited about this sapphic novel, I mean a sapphic love story starting with a drunk wedding in Vegas? I didn’t know I needed it till I heard of this book! (And now I desperately need it) (Like, yesterday)

🌈 I THINK I LOVE YOU, by Auriane Desombre, out on March 2nd
This seems so cute?? And the cover is really pretty?? And it has rivals-to-lovers, aka one of the best romantic trope?? And it comes out 2 days before my birthday?? Do you sense how excited I am??

🌈✊ PERFECT ON PAPER, by Sophie Gonzales, out on March 9th
I heard about this book a while ago, but I wasn’t that much excited about — I mean, it sounded good, but it wasn’t one of my most anticipated 2021 releases. And then I saw how much Anna @ Reads Rainbow loved it, and I know this must mean this is really good. And so since then I am (im)patiently waiting for this book to find its way to me!

🌈📣 BETWEEN PERFECT AND REAL, by Ray Stoeve, out on April 13th
If you ask me about my top 3 upcoming releases, this book will surely be on this list. I’ve been waiting for it for a few months now, and April still seems so far away. Excited as I am, I may have asked ARC of this book on every platform I could, and seriously, God of book blogging and ARC-gifting: you better hear my prayers and grant me this one! (I mean, even if you didn’t, I’ll wait for it and buy it as soon it’s out)

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✊🌈 SHE DRIVES ME CRAZY, by Kelly Quindlen, out on April 20th
I feel like I’m repeating myself but: I’ve been waiting and cheering for this book for ages. As soon as I’ve heard about it, it hit the high positions on my most anticipated list. Sports sapphic? Enemies to lovers? How can a book sounds so perfect and yet still not be in my hands?

🌈🤝 HEARTSTOPPER VOL.4, by Alice Oseman, out on May 13th
You know my love for this comic series and I want to say is: can May 13th come faster?

🌈 IN THE RAVENOUS DARK, by A.M. Strickland, out on May 18th
First of all: this cover is. so. gorgeous!! I heard about this book just a couple of weeks ago but holy cow, a pansexual protagonist in a polyamorous relationship, and witches? and palace intrigues? Oh, this book better not disappoint because my expectations are so high! (and so is my impatience!)

✊🌈📣 IT GOES LIKE THIS, by Miel Moreland, out on May 18h
This one is high on my most anticipated list too. I mean, a queer pop band story, with ex best-friends and ex-girlfriends, about growing up and growing apart? How could I not be excited about this??

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✊🌈 ONE LAST STOP, by Casey McQuiston, out on June 1st
Red, White and Royal Blue, Casey McQuiston’s debut novel, was one of my 2019 favorite books. So, obviously, I am more than excited about this new book! I cannot wait to meet these chaotic sapphic characters, and did I tell you it has a time rift? Yeah, it has a time rift. I’m so excited, holy cow.

✊🌈 THE CHOSEN AND THE BEAUTIFUL, by Nghi Vo, out on June 1st
I discovered this book by total chance, having first being drawn to it by its beautiful cover. Then I read the synopsis, and I immediately thought: I need this book! I’m a fan of The Great Gatsby, so now it has fallen into public domain, I’m really excited about all the retellings we’re gonna have — and Nghi Vo’s book sure seems great. Forget about Gatsby, this is focused on Jordan Baker — socialite golfer. Oh, sorry, I meant a queer, Asian socialite golfer. Oh, right I forgot something else: she is a magician. How cool does that sound??

Are your most anticipated 2021 releases are on this list?
What books are you really excited about?

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8 commentaires sur “some 2021 books i’d love to get my hands on

  1. I love love love that we have so many anticipated releases in common! You make me SO EAGER to read Fat Chance, Charlie Vega, this book sounds so good. I’m also very excited about As Far As You’ll Take Me (love that cover!), Honey Girl and oh my god I’m screaming about I think I love you already IT SOUNDS SO INCREDIBLE!!! ❤

    Aimé par 1 personne

    1. Ahah yes! We can talk about it when we finally read them! 🤗 Oh I’m so pleased you’re interested in Fat Chance, Charlie Vega! I just loved it so much and I can’t wait for people to be able to read it!! And yes, tHERE ARE SO MANY GOOD BOOKS!!! I’m screaming, can 2021 be here already?


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