books with fat characters

It was reading Fat Chance, Charlie Vega that gave me the idea for this post: writing a rec post for books with fat characters.

Read my review for Fat Chance, Charlie Vega, by Crystal Maldonado:

« Fat » is so not a bad word. We’re fat! and so what? Just like thinner people, we live, we yearn, we struggle, we fight. We exist. And we want representations in the books we read. Because, fork yes, representation is important for us too.

Reading Fat Chance, Charlie Vega made me realized that, in my 22-year-old existence, I haven’t read much about characters that looks like me. I know representations of minorities in medias is a long fight, and fat people are generally overseen so that is why I wanted to compile a list of books featuring fat characters. And honestly? I heard about most of these books. I just didn’t know they were featuring fat characters and their struggles. We need to talk about and promote more books about fat characters.

lgbt+ rep 🌈
bipoc rep ✊
disability rep 🤝
ownvoices 📣

Disclaimer: I haven’t read all of these books.
If I get it wrong somewhere, first of all I’m sorry, and please notify me.

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✊📣🌈 fat chance, charlie vega – crystal maldonado
✊🌈 one to watch – kate stayman-london
dumplin’ – julie murphy
✊📣 if the dress fits – carla de guzman

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faith vol.1 – jody houser
✊📣🌈 final draft – riley redgate
🌈 leah on the offbeat – becky albertalli
✊🤝📣 get a life, chloe brown – talia hibbert

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✊🤝🌈📣 take a hint, dani brown – talia hibbert
✊🤝🌈📣 the sound of stars – alechia dow
✊🌈📣 i’ll be the one – lyla lee
✊🤝🌈📣 queens of geek – jen wilde

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✊🌈 princess princess ever after – katie o’neil
✊ there’s something about sweetie – sandhya menon
✊🌈 the summer of jordi perez (and the best burger in los angeles) – amy spalding
✊🤝🌈📣 undead girl gang – lily anderson

Are your fav books featuring fat characters on this list?
Do you know some more?
Drop some titles in the comments!

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2 commentaires sur “books with fat characters

  1. Great post!! A lot of these are on my TBR so I can’t wait to read them. Another book along these lines that I enjoyed was Curvy Girls Can’t Date Quarterbacks by Kelsie Stelting. It’s the first book in a series all about curvy girls

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